What is Naturally Blessed?

The brainchild of a Biologist/Mother and her Mother. Born at first to just save us money but grew into a business that provides "#naturalfixers" to our supporters!

Naturally Blessed was established in 2014 by the Mother-Daughter duo, Chanai and Michelle! Chanai is a mother of three beautiful children. She graduated from Fayetteville State University in 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She received this degree in hopes to pursue a career in Dentistry but life had other plans! She now uses the knowledge that she obtained from her biology degree to create and understand the properties of Naturally Blessed’s products! 

 Michelle is a mother of two children and a loving wife! Michelle currently works at a plasma donation center as a LPN. She has always had a passion for taking care of others! She joined her daughter, Chanai on this journey of entrepreneurship initially just to save money, making their own products but it has blossomed into so much more since 2014!

What are "#naturalfixers" ?

  • Using "#naturalfixers" gives you the ability to know exactly what is in the products that you use daily!

Many leading brand all purpose cleaners and detergents have many chemicals in them that we are unfamiliar with and most of the time cannot even pronounce! Many contain; optical brighteners, bleach, nonylphenol ethoxylate(NPE) and much more. The only harsh chemical that our company uses is SodiumHydroxide (Lye) which cooks out in the process of our soap making, therefore it is not present in the final product!

  • There are absolutely no fillers nor harsh chemicals present in our products!

Some common fillers that are used by leading brands are; "1,4 DIOXANE – a synthetic oil-based carcinogen,GLUTEN – wheat and other grains are used to thicken and extend products, ALCOHOL – decreases the detergents freezing point and increases solubility, LIMESTONE & CHALK – calcium-based to work with phosphates to increase suds and PERFUME & COLOR - covers the smell of chemicals and makes it look “pretty”.After just 10 washes, clothes, towels and blankets gain 2% of their weight in detergent residue (fillers and chemicals) and are constantly being absorbed by the skin". Our products contain no fillers! All of our ingredients are "active ingredients" and each has its own Natural purpose!

  • Be proud of what you are using in your home or business!

Aluminum is the main ingredient in leading brand antiperspirants. Aluminum has been linked to Breast Cancer and Alzheimer's. We and many others believe that our daily use of deodorant and the growth of these terminal cancers and diseases are no coincidence. There is absolutely no aluminum in our deodorant and that we are very proud of!


 Chanai’s NB Deodorant Testimonial

At the age of 16 (2006), I noticed a lump in my left breast. My Grandmother passed away from the spread of breast cancer, so upon the finding of the lump my mother and I immediately prayed over it. In 2011 my doctors decided to perform a biopsy to determine if the lump was cancerous. By the grace of God, it was found to be benign. Since using NB Deodorant (2014) the lump has dissipated! This product continues to give me confidence in my health!

What is the Plummobile?

(Coming Soon)

  • A mobile store that will house Naturally Blessed's products, other local made products and products made by the youth in the community!

The plummobile is a local designed and restored RV that has the main purpose to provide a mobile sales floor for those that may not necessarily be given an opportunity to do so. The plummobile is a unique experience that you don't want to miss. Those under the age of 21 will have the opportunity to receive all of the profits gained from their sales! We will only be able to extend this opportunity to the youth with your support!

  • Along with the mobile store we will also host seminars and workshops geared toward; self discovery, the arts, entrepreneurship and financial literacy!

Marian Wright Edelman said "You can't be what you can't see!" It is too often that the youth are not offered the opportunities and exposure they need to truly succeed in life. On Saturdays along with the plummobile we will have seminars and workshops run by local professionals for youth, adults and seniors! These workshops will give all of us hands on exposure to topics such as self discovery, the arts, entrepreneurship and financial literacy!

Click on the plum for an update on local events!

All products Manufactured in Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Made in the USA

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