Hair Loss Pre-Assessment

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Thank you for choosing Lab 111 for your hair care needs! Below you will find a series of questions that will help our team in determining the right regimen to achieve your hair goals! Our products are made with pure, safe and healthy ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your hair and scalp! Don't forget to book your in-person or virtual assessment at the bottom of the page to finalize the process. 

Step 1

What are your hair or skin goals?
What is your natural hair type?
How would you describe your hair?
How happy are you with your hair today?
Have you noticed any of these changes in your hair? Select all that apply.
When did you first notice these changes?
Do you eve uses any of the following products? Select all that apply.
How often do you feel that your scalp is dry, itchy, or tight?
Do you sometimes notice dandruff, white, or yellow flakes in your hair or on your shoulders?
How often do you shampoo per week?
How common is hair thinning or hair loss in your family?
How much hair shedding are you currently experiencing?
How would you rate your overall stress right now?
How stressed have you felt over the past 6 months?
How often do you set aside time to relax and de-stress?
How often do you work out?
How many hours of sleep do you typically get per night?
Which best describes your normal diet?
Thanks for submitting!