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Forget #humpday, it's #wbw or way back Wednesday!

Born in Boynton Beach FL to a pair of young determined individuals!

Looking back at home videos and pictures, I am reminded that I was a joyful, creative outdoor loving little girl (not much has changed)! Though my upbringing may not have been ideal nor what my parents intended, my mother did a dang good job raising me! Up until I was twelve years old my mother raised me on her own with the help of a few family members.

My early journey looked like many others. Navigating through life with a single parent. Some call it a generational curse but I prefer the word cycle. The only way to break the cycle is first to become aware and then define what it is you want out of life. We must also be aware that all things happen for a higher reason and situations that have a negative facade, may have a positive impact on your life! I know I have gained strength, resilience and determination from many negative situations. What have you learned from negative situations in your life?

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