Herbs for Beauty and Perfumery!

As you all know, we at Naturally Blessed are all about herbs! Our CEO, Genie Chanai recently found and purchased a book at her local Library titled, "The Herb BooK" by Arabella Boxer Philippa Back! As soon as she saw it, she knew she wanted to share the knowledge of the book with her audience online!

There is a section in the book titled, "Herbs for Beauty and Perfumery" and that's where we will start with this series of blog post!

"Skin, hair, eyes, nails and body all look and function better if your general health is good. Cosmetics will do little to improve the appearance of women [and men] who are not getting sufficient fresh air, exercise, good sleep or relaxation and who are not eating the correct foods the body needs to maintain good health.

When beginning to use homemade herbal cosmetics for the first time, study how these same herbs can be taken internally in order to back up the action of the cosmetics and accelerate their effectiveness overall.

The benefits to be gained from using your own herbal cosmetics are many: the lovely scents and fragrance of herbs, and the other natural ingredients which you will use, have a relaxing effect that increases the beneficial action of your mixture.

Most of the ingredients required to make cosmetics are already standing on the kitchen shelf. They are safe and natural, and most of them form part of the daily diet. On the whole they are inexpensive to buy, but cost is an important point, since homemade cosmetics do not keep as well as propretary items which contain preservative chemicals; it is these chemical constituents that can harm the skin.

Once you become familiar with making your own herbal cosmetics, you will soon discover which herbs are best suited to your particular needs. Fresh herbs are preferable, but dried ones are fine so long as they have a good color and aroma."

What types of herbal homemade cosmetics would you like to see first?

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