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Homeschooling 2020

So we have made the decision to homeschool our three children starting Aug. 2020! At that time we will have a 1 year old, a 5 year old (Kindergarten) and a 7 year old (2nd Grade). We have made this decision because to grow our businesses we NEED to travel! We need to get the word out that we exist and we are here to help the WORLD not just Fayetteville, NC!! So homeschooling will allow us the flexibility to travel with our children, let them see the process and learn from the experiences along the way!!!!

I have been doing a lot of research online about curriculums and learning from homeschooling moms, to include a bomb homeschooling mom here in Fayetteville named Traverro! I love her family and all that they stand for and I am grateful for the information that she has imparted on me!!! She has written a Book titled "Homeschooling While Black" and has a website with tons of information titled the same! If you would like to learn more about the information that she had given me, visit her family's website at www.homeschoolingwhileblack.com you won't be disappointed. Just be ready to be inspired!!!

I have also found another great resource while researching which is called Timberdoodle. They have curriculums for children aged 0 to 12th grade! I found this resource while actually looking up a review on the "Know Yourself" Science kits on youtube!!! What a godsend that was! Through Timberdoodle, I can purchase basic curriculums for each child which includes the language arts, math and some additional items and just purchase a science and social studies curriculum that can cover all of their age groups!!! I am a nerd and once wanted to be a teacher so I'm pretty excited to begin purchasing these materials and cracking them open!!!! That day will definitely be christmas to me (even though I don't really celebrate that holiday anymore, but that's a blog for another night!).

I believe that my girls ( the 1 and 7 year old in 2020) will have similar learning styles while by boy (5 years old in 2020) will have a more kinesthetic learning style. This is where I believe the biggest challenge will be. But I have faith that everything will work out while we all are still growing and learning one another on a daily basis! I have also began to look into kinesthetic learning tools such as wobble chairs, portable lap desk, peanut balance balls and balance ball chairs. A lot of young boys are quickly diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorders but sometimes those behaviors can be corrected with the proper tools. In history boys were to go out and work with their fathers at a very young age. Doing things like working on the farm and on cars. Times have changed drastically and majority of the responsibility of raising the children is left to the women, which now work so we have to depend on teachers which have families, lives and problems of their own. So it sometimes becomes a vicious cycle of impatience and frustration when it comes to Kinesthetic learners which I believe boys are born naturally.

So through this blog you can follow my journey on preparing to and homeschooling our beautiful children!

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