If you have experienced an allergic reaction to any products for the skin you should seek medical advice before using any of her herbal preparations described in this [blog].

It is recommended that all herbal infusions and decoctions for medicinal or cosmetic use be freshly prepared and used at once or within 12 hours of making up."

"Moisturizers help to prevent the skin from losing its moisture content. They protect the skin from harmful bacteria, harsh weather and the dry atmosphere of centrally heated houses and offices. The moisturizer need only be a thin film over the skin to provide adequate protection, rather than a heavy pore-clogging cream. Herbal moisturizers are pleasant to use and easy to make. They can be applied at any time of the day but will do most good in the mornings and evenings.

Directions for making a basic herb moisturizer have already been given. The simplest moisturizers to use

are honey, lanolin and glycerine. Add these to herbal infusions to provide more protection for the skin. Use 2 tablespoons of a strong herb infusion to 1 teaspoon of honey or 1 tablespoon of lanolin or glycerine.


In a bowl set over a pan of hot water, melt together 1 tablespoon each of lanolin, honey, almond oil and white wax. Remove from the heat and add 2 tablespoons of a strong infusion of marigold petals made by pouring 150 ml/ 1/4pint/2/3 cup of boiling water over 2 tablespoons of marigold petals. Leave to cool slightly then strain. Whisk the mixture until thick and creamy

and quite cold. Put into screw top pots.

Other herbs suitable for adding to this cream in place of marigold are comfrey leaves, or the flowers of

elder, lime (linden) and chamomile. A quick way of making a moisturizer cream is to add 1 tablespoon of a very strong herb infusion to 100 g/4 oz of a good proprietary scent-free moisturizing cream. Melt the cream slightly and whip in the herb

infusion. Use fennel, salad burnet, lady's mantle or elderflower.


Salad burnet helps to refine the skin. Other herbs to use in its place are lady's mantle, soapwort or violet flowers. Beat 1 egg yolk with 1 teaspoon of honey, teaspoon of sweet almond oil and 1 tablespoon of a very strong infusion of salad burnet leaves made by pouring 150 ml/1/4 pint/2/3 cup of boiling water on to 3 tablespoons of chopped burnet leaves."-The Herb Book by Arabella Boxer & Philippa Back

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