If you have experienced an allergic reaction to any products for the skin you should seek medical advice before using any of her herbal preparations described in this [blog].

It is recommended that all herbal infusions and decoctions for medicinal or cosmetic use be freshly prepared and used at once or within 12 hours of making up."

"Any treatment given to your hands will also help the nails and the recommendations for hand care should be followed while carrying out specific treatment for the nails.

There are one or two herbs which are particularly good for strengthening the nails, being full of silicic acid, a substance known to improve nail structure. Mix dried dill or horsetail with other herbs, or use each on its own to make up a hand rinse infusion. The two combined will help to strengthen weak nails.

Supplement your diet by taking brewer's yeast, vitamins A and D and by drinking a glass of horsetail or dill seed tea with a teaspoon of gelatine in it every night. Chew dill seeds whenever you can. Keep a little block of beeswax by your bedside and rub or buff this on to the nails each night to improve circulation. If you wear nail enamel, always use an oily remover to take

it off, for it is kinder to the nails than pure acetone. Use orange sticks rather than metal implements for cleaning the nails and a large emery board, not a metal file for shaping.


Make a strong infusion of horsetail by pouring 150 ml/1/4pint/2/3 cup of boiling water on to 2 tablespoons of chopped horsetail. Leave to cool; strain into a bottle. Use the infusion warm and soak the nails for 10 minutes every other day. On alternate days soak the nails inwarm olive oil for 5 minutes."-The Herb Book by Arabella Boxer & Philippa Back

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