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They say one way to know if one is cut out for something is by the sacrifices one is willing to make!

The family, including the children, have made many sacrifices to make sure that we gain future economic self sufficiency! There has been many times when we just can't see the light or think things are going in a negative direction. Though this happens we still find fortitude! I believe this is possible because we have a strong mission and purpose which remain the foundation of our business.

We believe in the power of harmony! Art+Business+Community=Success

On another note, we are in the season of Martin Luther King Jr Day and Black History Month! Many focus on racial equality around this time but I think the bigger picture is to educate the less informed on the numerous opportunities that are out there. Not only to gain financial wealth but overall wealth. But each person has to want that for themselves! There will always be "inequality" as long as there is diversity in the world. What do you think?

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