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Saviours' Day 2020

Unity & Longevity

Myself, Destiny, Ceon and Johari recently traveled to Detroit, MI with some familes from the kids' school (Bright Young Minds University). The purpose of this trip was to see, hear and listen to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speak at the annual Nation of Islam's holiday, Saviours' Day!

From our departure to our return there was nothing but love, cooperation, understanding and unity!!! When we arrived in Michigan we were greeted by Bro. Larry Rivera (Owner and Founder of Bright Young Minds Academy and University) and some of his Brothers dressed in their FOI uniforms. This definitely set the mood for the rest of the evening! As we exited the bus to arrive at the TCF Center in the heart of Downtown Detroit, MI we were again greeted and escorted by Bro. Larry Rivera and his Brothers. With Canada in eye view, we made our entrance into a sea of black and brown grace!

Though we are not Muslim I went on this trip to experience the Nation of Islam first hand. I have heard many things good and bad about the Nation but there is nothing better than to have the ability to make your on conclusions! The kids, myself and the other families thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Seeing the women beautifully dressed in white, men in FOI uniforms and educated words from the Minister, I have nothing but the upmost respect for the Nation of Islam. Their key principles resonate with the way I believe African Americans and people of color should operate in the United States and abroad. And we were only there for a moment! About seven hours to be exact but there was so much more to be experienced! We definitely plan to go back in the years to come!

To learn more about Bright Young Minds Academy and University please visit www.bymacademy.com

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