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If you have experienced an allergic reaction to any products for the skin you should seek medical advice before using any of her herbal preparations described in this [blog].

It is recommended that all herbal infusions and decoctions for medicinal or cosmetic use be freshly prepared and used at once or within 12 hours of making up."

"To function properly, the skin needs to be well cleansed every day and preferably twice a day. A good cleansing program is important as it performs several duties. As well as removing dirt and old make-up, it takes away dead cells which would otherwise remain on the surface of the skin, spoiling its appearance and preventing it from breathing. Cleansing also softens the


Start the cleansing process by using a suitable cream or lotion lightly smoothed over the skin; leave it for a few moments and then wipe it off gently with a tissue. For most skins further cleansing with a good non-alkaline soap and tepid water is recommended; this will remove all traces of the cleansing cream and make-up and leave your skin squeaking clean. Immediately afterwards use a skin freshening lotion, tonic or rinse suitable for your type of skin, followed by a light application of moisturizer.

Whenever the skin feels clogged or looks dull and is a poor color, give yourself a herb facial steam. Facial steams using herbs are a simple and effective way of deep cleansing and softening the skin. This helps in the removal of blackheads and is also very good for those suffering from acne and large pores.

A steam is not recommended for those with an exceptionally dry skin unless the skin is first covered with a thin film of oil."-The Herb Book by Arabella Boxer & Philippa Back

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