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Symbiotic LOVE

#question Is this love💞? Is Photosynthesis love💞? Y'all should know by now that I'm a nature🌿 nut 🤓 so please follow me! Mr. Rodger Brown of Durham Upholstery helped me realize that when you are in love or commit to being in love with someone or something you are using them and they are using you! He also made me realize that I hate the word "use" lol! So when you are in love with someone or something, that entity is using you to help it fulfill its purpose and vice versa. So when you are in love with something you have to question their purpose and your own purpose and the ISSUE lies in that alone. MOST don't know their purpose so they are either forced into fulfilling the purpose that was pushed on them or the purpose of those around them. The purpose of the Sun is to provide light, help plants grow, help humans produce Vitamin D, provide energy and I'm sure there are more powers that the Sun has. In return of this, plants absorb water and provide nutrients and oxygen for humans. They are helping each other fulfill their purpose!!!!!! They are in LOVE 💞 AWWWWW! 😘 So in life we have to love those that love us mutually! Don't waste your love on someone or something that isn't helping you fulfill your purpose on this Earth! Or don't allow an entity to deter you from your purpose! Life is way to short for that! So baby find love and make sure it's mutual or symbiotic 🤓!!!! Ohhhh Symbiotic LOVE!!!! I love it and I love y'all!😘

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