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Viruses: How do they work?

Viruses are microscopic parasites typically smaller than bacteria. Viruses lack the ability to thrive and reproduce outside a host body. They need a host cell body because they lack the complicated machinery that host cells possess.

The primary role of a virus is to deliver it's DNA (or RNA) into the host cell so that it's information can be expressed by the host cell. Viruses first need to access the inside of a host's body for any of this to happen. The main means of access are respiratory passages and open wounds. They then attach themselves to host cell surfaces and release their information and disrupt or hibachi various parts of the host cell's machinery. The viruses then direct the host cells to reproduce the viruses information!

Things we can do:

1. Wash your hands (even though you may be tired of doing so)

2. Take care of your skin (making sure your skin stays moisturized and does not crack. This is just as important as washing your hands!)

3. When you can't wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer

4. Stay away from those that are/believe they are sick

5. Stay informed on the most up to date information

6. Keep your hands away from your "T-Zone" (eyes, nose and mouth)

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