• Genie

Who's Genie

To set things straight Genie is my Artist Name and Chanai Winborn is my government!!!

The name Genie was given to me by the daughter of an local performing artist. We were all part of a community of artist working together. The night she gave me the name or said I looked like a Genie, I was dressed in a shirt with a bun on the top of my head! I believe she asked me what my name was and before I could say my name she said I looked like a Genie and I said oh!!!!! I like that, you can call me that lol!!!!

So of course me being me I went back and did some research before I decided to go with the name lol. We all know from the Disney movie Aladdin that Genie's are of Arabic origin. They are known to grant wishes upon their masters command. My master is my creator and the ideas, businesses, artwork that he puts in my head or the heads of those around me I make it my business to make it a reality!

That's why they call me Genie!

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